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Every October for the past 28 years, thousands of people have come to enjoy the frightening family fun at the Haunt on Williams Street. There are dozens of unique scenes that you won't find anywhere else! Journey through the eerie graveyard, or see the marriage of the "happy couple" (not exactly a match made in heaven!). View your true inner beauty our Magic Mirror. Listen to the horrifying tales told by our Casket Vampire. Don't be afraid to come down and see what's lurking in the shadows. We've added a lot of new animations and special effects for your viewing pleasure. The Haunt has been featured on the website Fearnet.com, AM Live! with Pat Williams, and regularly on WJET TV 24 IN Erie, PA.

We gladly accept donations for the Conneaut Food Pantry

Conneaut city council recognizes 25 years for Haunt on Williams with proclamation

Here's the proclamation I received from the city of Conneaut, Ohio for 25 years of Haunt on Williams. It was a very special honor receiving this award. I know people with home Haunts in various parts of the country where their city and neighbors are shutting them down. That's been the total opposite here. My community totally loves what I do. It brings families and people together and now we have generations bring their families to experience Halloween fun at N.E. Ohios most unique Halloween Display
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